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CY7C68013-56PVC Description

CY7C68013-56PVC Description

Cypress’s EZ-USB FX2TM is the world’s first USB 2.0 integrated microcontroller. By integrating the USB 2.0 transceiver, SIE, enhanced 8051 microcontroller, and a programmable peripheral interface in a single chip, Cypress has created a very cost-effective solution that provides superior time-to-market advantages. The ingenious architecture of FX2 results in data transfer rates of 56 Mbytes per second, the maximum allowable USB 2.0 bandwidth, while still using a low-cost 8051 microcontroller in a package as small as a 56 SSOP. Because it incorporates the USB 2.0 transceiver, the FX2 is more economical, providing a smaller footprint solution than USB 2.0 SIE or external transceiver implementations. With EZ-USB FX2, the Cypress Smart SIE handles most of the USB 1.1 and 2.0 protocol in hardware, freeing the embedded microcontroller for application-specific functions and decreasing development time to ensure USB compatibility. The General Programmable Interface (GPIF) and Master/Slave Endpoint FIFO (8- or 16-bit data bus provides an easy and glueless interface to popular interfaces such as ATA, UTOPIA, EPP, PCMCIA, and most DSP/processors. Four packages are defined for the family: 56 SSOP, 56 QFN, 100 TQFP, and 128 TQFP.

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