Single Chip zero IF L-band Tuner for DSS and DVB Satellite Receivers with PLL Synthesizer

SL1935 Manufacturer
Zarlink Semiconductor

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SL1935 Description
The SL1935 is a complete single chip bus controlled Zero IF tuner and operates from 950 to 2150 MHz. It includes an on-board low phase noise PLL frequency synthesizer and low noise LNA/AGC. The SL1935 is intended primarily for application in digital satellite Network Interface Modules and performs the complete tuner function. The device contains all elements necessary, with the exception of local oscillator tuning network and crystal reference, to produce a high performance I(n-phase) & Q(uadrature) downconversion tuner function. Due to the high signal handling design the device does not require any front end tracking filters. The SL1935 includes selectable baseband signal paths, allowing application with two externally definable filter bandwidths, facilitating application in variable symbol rate and simulcast systems.

SL1935 Features